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We recently talked to three moms who are big fans of Pure Barre’s unique and effective workout. Find out more about the reasons these unique workouts are so popular among three member moms at different stages – and ages – of motherhood.

Lauren Berryhill (31)
PB teacher and Director of Career Development at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, Expecting her first child in December
• How long have you been active with Pure Barre?
I started taking Pure Barre classes over six years ago. It is the only workout I’ve loved enough to stick with and still be excited about every time I sign up for a class.

When did you become a teacher and why?
I became a teacher when the Pure Barre SW Austin studio opened in late 2021. I already loved the Pure Barre technique, and I was so excited to join as a teacher to help clients achieve their wellness and fitness goals. I enjoy watching clients hit milestones, finish challenges, and fall in love with Pure Barre just like I did six years ago.

• As a teacher before pregnancy and now during, has it been a difficult transition?
Becoming a teacher was an easy transition because there is so much support from the team and they made sure I was fully trained and confident before putting on the mic for the first time. Once I became pregnant, I had to stop teaching the early morning classes (hello morning sickness), but otherwise it has been totally doable.

• Do expecting moms need to make a lot of adaptions to the workout?
Since Pure Barre is for all fitness abilities, it is a great workout for a constantly changing body. All teachers are trained in pregnancy modifications, and we continuously check in with our expecting moms to make sure they are doing the workout as safely and effectively as possible. We provide modifications before class if we know there’s an exercise that might not be comfortable for an expecting mom as well as check in during the class to provide real-time modifications and options if needed. When I take classes, I make sure to listen to my body and give myself some grace since my workouts look and feel a little different each day. I plan to take and teach Pure Barre as long as I can until my little one makes an appearance.

• Do you plan to return to teaching after your little one is born?
I can’t imagine my life without teaching and taking Pure Barre, so I will return to the studio whenever my body is ready. Life will definitely look a little different with a little one and a full time job, but taking a few hours out of the week to focus on myself will help me recover both physically and mentally.

• Why would you recommend PB for other women who are expecting, planning to get pregnant or new moms?
I highly recommend Pure Barre for any stage of the pregnancy and postpartum journey. Not only is it an amazing low-impact workout, the community at our studio is so supportive. The small movements help me continue to tone and build muscle while still being a safe workout for myself and the baby. I also love talking to our other pregnant and postpartum clients because everyone is so supportive of each other and gives great advice.

Brenda Johnson (58)
VP/co-founder of Virtuoso Selections, mother of Venus, 18 and Grady, 14

• How long have you been a Pure Barre member and how often do you go to classes?
I’ve taken classes since last fall, so less than a year. I attend at least 3-4 days/week.

• Why did you join PB?
I liked the idea of a class to help you get stronger without burpees! I struggle with doing burpees correctly or fast!

• What kind of benefits have you experienced since working out at PB?
I have lost some of that awful underarm sag, you know the “old lady” arms! I’ve also lost weight without doing anything other than PB.

• Is it tough to make time for your workouts as a working mom? If so, any tips for staying on track?

I have set aside an hour every morning for me and the class. I generally attend 3-4 days a week and occasionally pop in for a Saturday class when the kids’ schedules allow.

• Would you recommend PB for other moms, working or not?
Yes, I tell everyone they should try it. I love the fact that I can (usually) walk and sit down after a class without being so sore it’s difficult to move. I love that the women in the class are so supportive and kind rather than being competitive. It is a very warm and welcoming community.

Angela Marlett (42)
Full-time working mom of Kara, age 10

• When did you start taking Pure Barre classes?
I started Pure Barre a little over a year ago after hearing about some pop-up classes and wanted to try it out. I’ve done many different types of workouts in the past, all of which either were boring or caused injury. I had a gym membership but would find myself doing the same routine of cardio and weights. I wasn’t pushing myself and didn’t feel motivated. After my first Pure Barre class I was hooked. It was a full body workout in less than an hour and I loved every minute of it. It is the perfect blend of light cardio, weights, resistance training and movements that lengthen and strengthen. I joined Pure Barre right then, and the studio hadn’t even opened yet!

• For you, what is the best part about PB?
Since joining Pure Barre I’ve noticed so many changes in my body. My core is stronger, my arms and legs are more toned, I sit straighter, my back no longer hurts, and I’ve lost weight. But my favorite part of PB is the people. I have met so many great ladies, and we even get together outside of class. The instructors are also amazing. Every one of them is so positive and encouraging. I always leave class feeling so happy and empowered.

• How often are you taking classes and is it difficult for you to make that time as a working mom?
I take class about 4-5 times a week. Unlike other places, it is easy to find a class time to fit your schedule. Especially as a parent working full time. Classes are as early as 6.00am and as late as 7:00pm. It’s also convenient when I want to get in a lunch time workout.

• Who would you recommend Pure Barre to?
I recommend Pure Barre to anyone who enjoys a group atmosphere and is tired of doing the same workout over and over. At PB you meet so many wonderful people and start noticing changes in your body very quickly. It doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is because all moves can be modified until you build the strength to do it all!

I am so happy I found Pure Barre. It will be a part of my life for a very long time.

If you are interested in trying a FREE barre class at Pure Barre in Southwest Austin, click here.

Pure Barre Southwest Austin
4301 W. William Cannon Drive, Building B, Suite 114
Austin, TX 78749
Located behind Kerbey Lane Cafe in Arbor Trails Shopping Center
(512) 920-6966
[email protected]

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