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This blog is part 2 in a series with Jacquelyn from JGP Styled Me. To see the previous blog, click here!

Once upon a time, my husband and I were getting ready to go to a friend’s birthday party. I rifled through my closet, tried on different outfits and got more frustrated with each one, eventually declaring that we weren’t going to the party because I had nothing to wear. True story; I actually bailed on a friend’s birthday party because I had “nothing to wear.” Have you ever been there? Maybe you didn’t go to the extreme of bailing on an event like I did–or maybe you did. But I bet you’ve stood in front of your closet before, frustrated because you have “nothing to wear.” Am I right?


The truth is, I had a closet full of clothes and plenty to wear. It’s just that some of the things in my closet weren’t actually my style so I didn’t want to wear them, and I was bored with the pieces that were my style because I wore them all the time, in the same ways. Sound familiar?


Wouldn’t it feel incredible to reach into your closet and easily grab pieces that you could quickly pair together to create outfits that you know work for your body and your style, and you actually like wearing, without having to think about it? It’s possible! 


I recently launched two new, limited time offers to address this very common dilemma, 5 Ways to Wear and Wear What’s in Your Closet.

5 Ways to Wear 

Do you have a piece of clothing that you always wear the same exact way, with the same exact pieces? Do you have something in your closet that you really like but you don’t know how to wear it? 

If you can relate, 5 Ways to Wear is for you!


With 5 Ways to Wear, I will style 1 item from your closet in 5 different ways. 

  • Choose 1 item from your closet that you need help with – jeans, a dress, trousers, booties, etc. 
  • I will create 5 personalized, head-to-toe looks for you so can you start wearing that item. 
  • You’ll receive a virtual lookbook that shows you exactly how to wear the outfits I have created.
  • Shop your lookbook with the links included to purchase the items to complete the outfits. 

This is an example of a classic striped t-shirt styled 5 different ways. 5 Ways to Wear is customized to you and your style.

Looking for more ideas on how to wear an item?

Wear What’s in Your Closet

So many of us have closets full of clothes yet we often feel like we have nothing to wear, which obviously isn’t true. Sometimes a second set of eyes is all you need to give your closet new life; you don’t necessarily need to buy new clothes.


If you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, my Wear What’s in Your Closet offer is for you. 


With this offer:

  • You will virtually share your closet with me by photographing the items you own and adding them to a virtual closet. Sound daunting? It’s not! It couldn’t be easier (and I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this). 
  • I will style 10-15 personalized, head-to-toe looks for you which will save you so much time when getting dressed and give you new ideas on how to wear things you already own, not to mention it will also save you money as you won’t need to buy new clothes to add to your closet. 
  • You’ll receive a virtual lookbook that shows you exactly how to wear the outfits I have created, including specific styling advice.

This client works from home and has a very casual aesthetic with a focus on easy to mix-and-match pieces. In these 3 looks styled from pieces she already owns, she could swap pieces from one outfit with another to create even more outfits.

Need help figuring out how to wear what you've already got?

Closet Edit

Perhaps you’ve perused these two offers but feel like your closet needs a more extensive overhaul. If the bulk of the clothes in your closet don’t meet the needs of your life today, a closet edit would be a good way to change that. Editing your closet regularly is a helpful process for all of us, but it can be especially beneficial when you’re going through a transition of some sort. Perhaps you’re a new mom going back to work or you’re leaving the workforce to stay home. Maybe you just got a new job or maybe you’re looking for a new job. It could be that your weight has fluctuated and nothing fits anymore.


With a closet edit, you and I will meet in-person at your closet and spend time reviewing what’s in your closet and whether or not those pieces are serving you in terms of your style and lifestyle. We’ll pinpoint what your style is and you’ll learn how to shop for and dress yourself to project that style. You’ll try on pieces and together we’ll determine what goes back in your closet and what gets donated or sold. I’ll photograph every item that goes back in your closet, and these photos will be used to create your virtual closet and lookbook, both of which will be shared with you virtually following our time together. The virtual lookbook will include outfits created with pieces remaining in your closet, along with a shopping list of items that need to be added to your closet, complete with shoppable links.

Ready to book your closet edit?

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