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During the “4th trimester,” or the 3 months after you give birth, your body will be going through many changes. Hormonal fluctuations can cause highs and lows in mood, hot flashes, body aches and a myriad of other experiences. Some of the most common physical complaints are discomfort from lack of sleep, holding a newborn, and from sitting in awkward positions. Know that the best way to navigate this time in your life is to be patient with your body and to rest as much as possible while you recover.


As a Chiropractic office, we have seen chiropractic care be a crucial part of recovery and growth in the 4th trimester, but maybe not just in the way that you are thinking. Did you know that the major purpose of Chiropractic adjustments is for the processing of stress? There will be few times in your life that bring you more stress than the postpartum period. In fact, the initiation of the 4th trimester is one of the greatest stresses the human mind, body and heart can experience—birth. By utilizing Chiropractic care, you can quickly begin healing from birth, both physically and emotionally, and you can therefore be less apt to feeling completely overwhelmed in the 4th trimester.


Even though it is normal to experience upper back and neck pain after having a baby, chiropractic care can help put your body at ease during this time. If you are experiencing pelvic or low back pain after giving bith, this is not necessarily normal. Get a Chiropractic assessment, as this pain does not tend to go away easily on its own. Your body went through many changes in the last 9 months and will continue to change for the next year. Adjustments help you reset physically after baby, but we find that care is most helpful in regulating your nervous system as you learn to cope with little sleep and constant vigilance. Adjustments can help increase milk production, decrease pain, and even improve your immune system.


The time you spend with a newborn can be magical and also very demanding. Remember to be kind to yourself as you navigate adding a new member to your family.

We are child friendly so please feel free to bring your baby in with you to your appointments. We have toys for your toddlers and our office staff will gladly hold your baby if you need.
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