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I’ve wished for a looooong time that someone would do the grunt work of price comparison between H-E-B and Costco and tell me which items are truly worth buying in bulk. I have a tiny pantry, but the upside is that I have to be calculated with the precious little space and that helps me not to buy things we don’t really need.


I finally broke down and did it! On a trip to Costco (without my kids) I kept my H-E-B app and calculator open and price checked every item on my list, even doing the math to find out price per unit/oz. It took me A LOT longer than usual, but in the end, I’m saving myself so much time by not having to agonize about what to buy where every time I shop. I’ve got my running lists and now I only cross check one or two items on each trip!


Here is the big reveal of my go-to Costco shopping list:


Kirkland Toilet Paper & Paper Towels- we try to use paper towels sparingly so they last a long time, but as a family of 6 we go through toilet paper quickly!

Pasta Sauce– whatever brand you buy, these are going to be the better deal and you’ve got giant mason jars for food storage when you’re done!

Nature Valley Granola Bars- then scan your receipt in the Box Tops app so your school gets a donation!

Roasted Almonds 

Cooking Oils– I get both EVOO and Grapeseed Oil here

Eggs– the 24 count Organic Pasture-Raised eggs are a STEAL!

Organic Ground Beef

Whole Roasted Chicken- I love these for a quick busy weeknight dinner and then we boil the bones, leftover meat and skin with veggies for a soup base later in the week.

Apple Sauce Pouches 

Yogurt Cups (these are a better price point than H-E-B but the downside is they have almost double a child’s daily recommeded sugar limit, so I don’t actually buy these often)

Lunch Meat

Rice Milk and Almond Milk (unless H-E-B has an active digital coupon)

Ranch Style Beans– I know, random, but they’re in my Grandma’s chili recipe that I make almost weekly.

Chicken Stock

Mandarin Oranges

Fresh Produce– varies by season, but in general fruits and veggies are priced lower than those at H-E-B. However, I may bypass 2 pounds of strawberries if I know we won’t get through them before they get moldy. I’d rather pay a little more and know we can eat them all. Potatoes and Onions though- those will stay fresh for a long time in the pantry!


There are oodles of items that are a better price point, but I know we just won’t get through it by the time it goes bad. Grated cheese, for instance- and I’d like to know who in the world uses that much cheese before it starts growing its own personality? Coffee- it won’t go bad, but it also won’t stay fresh so we prefer to buy smaller bags and grind daily- cause I guess we’re coffee snobs like that.


Here’s another tip: shop with a friend and split some of the items! Venmo makes that so easy. My MIL and I will go together and split things like goat cheese, apple sauce, avocados and artichokes.


Happy Shopping, Mommas. May the prices be ever in your favor.

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