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I’d love to introduce everyone to Sam Smith, a first time expectant mom of a baby girl and a member of Legends Boxing. Sam is here to share with us her history with boxing fitness and what led her to Legends as well as what helped her say “yes, this is my fitness home!” 

Thanks for sitting down to chat with us at Greater Austin Moms, Sam. Tell us a little about yourself!

I grew up in Santa Monica, CA, am a Cal grad, and moved to Austin, TX in June of 2020 where I now live with my husband and our 7 month old Rottweiler, Hollis. We’re expecting our first baby (girl!) in a month. Outside of working in tech sales, my life is easily summarized as being driven by faith, family, friends, fitness, and food… although some would say my love for food probably ranks higher!

How did you get started at Legends Boxing?

I picked up boxing 10 years ago in high school and have continued finding gyms throughout life transitions – from college to joining the workforce and various location changes. Since I relocated to Austin during the pandemic, I didn’t have the opportunity to try out gyms and instead opted for a personal trainer. It wasn’t until September of 2021, that I decided to check out a free class at Legends (thanks to Facebook ads) and immediately felt the difference of being back in an actual gym environment. I was impressed by the coaching staff and inviting member base which quickly led to me signing up for a membership.

How has your training changed since finding out you are pregnant?

I’ve been very fortunate to have a relatively easy pregnancy, so my training hasn’t been affected too greatly. I’ve done my best to listen to my body for cues on when to take it easy. I definitely felt the slow down in energy levels during my first trimester, the build back up during my second trimester, and am now maneuvering more of the physical limitations of a growing belly! I made sure to check with my OB for guidance on exercises to avoid and have scaled back ab work and heavy lifting, but have luckily been able to continue boxing regularly. 

While boxing fitness provides so many physical benefits, can you tell us about some of the other benefits you’ve experienced?

Boxing has weaved a unique thread throughout my adolescent years into adulthood. It initially started as an escape from a rocky relationship in my teens, to being the topic of my admission essay into college, and gave me much needed community in new cities. It is an equally challenging mental workout as it is physical – learning combinations, working offensive/defensive drills, anticipating your opponent’s next move. One thing I’ve cherished the most about boxing has been the community I’ve found at each gym I’ve been a part of, which I also very quickly encountered at Legends. It’s awesome meeting people from all walks of life and pushing through a tough workout together not only builds strong muscles, but strong bonds!

What would you say to a mom who seems nervous to get started at Legends?


The first step is showing up! While boxing of course isn’t for everyone (as in not everyone’s cup of tea), Legends takes a very friendly and accommodating approach to introducing you to the sport. Since classes are non-contact, you’ll get to throw punches without worrying about getting hit back (unless you want to give the sparring program a try!). Being a mom is no easy feat and boxing is a fantastic outlet for burning off daily frustrations or simply building mental and physical endurance and strength. Moms are known for juggling multiple things at once, so rest assured you’ll quickly pick up the different components (i.e., combining footwork with keeping your hands up and throwing punches). There are also plenty of moms of all ages at our gym, which I’ve been especially thankful for as I prepare for a new baby.

Favorite date night spot?


My husband and I love Odd Duck and their rotating menu because we can always indulge in classic favorites or try something new – plus Gibson Street Bar is right across the way!  For a more casual setting, Yoshiko is our go-to sushi spot.

Favorite place to grab coffee?


I’m the wrong person to ask since I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love Cosmic Coffee for their ambiance and non-coffee options.

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