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As a child of the 80’s and 90’s I spent my summers slathered with baby oil instead of sunscreen (sorry, mom!) with lemon juice in my hair for “natural” highlights. All we (teens of the 90’s) wanted was a deep dark summer “glow” and we would go to great (unhealthy) lengths to get it. We won’t even get into talking about “fake-baking.”


We know a lot more now about the long term damage of a single sunburn, and as moms, we are pretty diligent about covering every exposed inch of skin on our children with a high SPF, but how often do the kids run into the pool without anyone rubbing our shoulders down? How many non-pool days do you leave your skin completely unprotected?


One of my excuses for not applying sunscreen is that I wear makeup containing SPF. I asked local
expert, Jayme Jack, Owner/Esthetician at Thirdwave Esthetics to enlighten us with her thoughts and help us up our sunscreen game in time for summer.


What are your thoughts on makeup containing SPF? Basically, you have an open invitation to tear down my excuses!


Such a great question! I speak about this often with clients. I’m always an advocate for cosmetics with SPF in them. More SPF the better! Mineral-based SPF (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) is what you want to look for in cosmetics and sunscreens in general. These FDA-approved minerals effectively reflect UV rays off the skin and they block way more UVA (UV “aging”) and UVB (UV “burning”) rays than do chemical-based sunscreens. Plus, mineral-based SPF’s are typically more comfortable for the skin and case little-to-no irritation.


Does that mean my makeup is enough?


All that to say, I ALWAYS recommend applying a stand alone SPF (can also be tinted (iron oxide is ideal as it protects you from photo damage)) beneath your cosmetics, regardless if they contain an SPF or not. Most of us don’t apply enough cosmetic product to provide enough SPF protection. We also tend to stop cosmetics above our neck- bring SPF all the way down the neck, décolleté, back of your neck (anywhere you have sun exposure), and don’t forget those ears! There’s never any harm in doubling up on the SPF!


This is great advice, and a reminder I know I needed. What products do you recommend for moms?



I personally love, use and offer my clients various TIZO mineral sunscreens. TIZO sunscreens are sophisticated and there’s a great variety of formulations that work for all personal SPF preferences. From the drugstore, one to check out is Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer Sensitive Skin- SPF 15. It is a light hydrating SPF and is mineral-based. (You’ll need SPF 30+ if you’re spending 20 minutes or more outside). Daily sunscreen application is the single best things you can do for your skin health!


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and product recommendations with us, Jayme! My skin will be getting a little more TLC from now on. 


Interested in a consultation with Jayme? I know I am!

Thirdwave is located inside Salon Lofts at:
4211 S Lamar Blvd
Ste B1, Studio #19
Austin, TX 78704
You can follow Jayme on IG @thirdwave_esthetics
for more great tips on caring for your skin. I’ve been learning so much from her posts!

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