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This week’s Meet a Mom interview is with two of our own – Kristin Hoang and Michelle Hyman of Newport Mesa Moms! These two team up to cover this beautiful that incorporates Newport, Mesa and Huntington Beach, CA.  Both live on the border of Costa Mesa & Newport Beach with their families (Kristin is mom to daughters Mackenzie and Quinn while Michelle has two boys, Hudson and Hendrick). Here’s a bit more about this duo, including why they chose to join The Local Moms Network, their local favorites (for locals and visitors!) and more. Interested in joining our team? Go to


Why did you move to the Newport Mesa area?

Kristin: My husband and I grew up in neighboring Irvine (we went to high school together).  We both returned there after going to college in Los Angeles.  But my husband teaches in Irvine and wanted to get away a bit. We love how eclectic Costa Mesa is and how close it is to the beach. We moved to Costa Mesa eleven years ago and love raising our family here. The community is amazing, supportive and fun, and there is no shortage of things to do.  We can easily ride our bikes to the beach or walk around the Back Bay Nature Preserve.  And you can’t beat the Southern California sunshine.


Michelle: I moved to Costa Mesa in 2004 and love this neighborhood. I grew up all over Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County. Once I moved to Costa Mesa, I knew this was my hometown…the people, the community and the amazing places to eat and shop.  Plus it is so close to the beach! Costa Mesa is known for being a laidback beach neighborhood, with good people and good food!

Sounds like a fabulous place. When did you join The Local Moms Network – and why?

Kristin:  I joined The Local Moms Network in late 2017 when a childhood friend of mine who ran one of the original sites in Connecticut reached out to see if I was interested in bringing the platform to the West Coast.  At that time I had become a stay-at-home mom after the birth of my second and I was so ready to really connect with the community.  Motherhood can be so isolating, but then you find your tribe and all just seems right with the world.

Michelle: Kristin came to me in 2019 and asked me to join, I was a hell YES within seconds, this is something I love. This platform allows us to meet some amazing people and get to know business on a deeper level. Helping out local business and bringing value to the community is a win-win for everyone.


What is your background and how will that help you in your role here?

Kristin:  Actually I worked in criminal law before joining The Local Moms Network so that didn’t translate over, but I am a total Type A personality and love being organized.  And I love socializing.  I even started a Bunco Group with other moms from our local elementary school.  We had to take a pause with COVID, but I can’t wait to get back to it.

Michelle: My background is sales; I am a local realtor and love networking and meeting new people. My goal is to grow my clientele in Costa Mesa. The Local Mom’s Network allows me to socialize and get to know the parents and businesses in our community. Sales and Real Estate help me with The Local Moms Network. I don’t mind putting myself out there to meet new people.

Sounds great! So what is your favorite part of being part of The Local Moms Network?

Kristin:  I love feeling like I am contributing something to my community.  When people reach out and tell me that they love what I am doing, it seriously makes my day. I also love that I now have a platform to share about the small businesses in our community, the people who live here, and the non-profit organizations that are making a difference in our area.


Michelle: Being a part of a tribe that is here to help each other and support each other is very inspiring; it makes it feel like we are family. Bringing value to the local community and making life easy for the parents is what makes this so rewarding.


What is your best “working mom” tip?

Kristin:  I am a failure at this.  I don’t know how people work at home with kids, especially with distance learning.  But I am proud of the fact that my kids see me working at something.  If you want it, do it.  Make it happen!


Michelle: Balance and boundaries! Set aside family time on workdays, even if it’s 20 dedicated minutes to play with the kiddos. (Make sure it is dedicated.) The biggest top tip; get up earlier than everyone in the house to get all the nitty gritty things done.



What’s one thing most people don’t realize about your area?

Kristin:  Costa Mesa is known as the City of the Arts.  We have an amazing Performing Arts Center and I can’t wait to get back to experiencing live theater.


Michelle: There are so many amazing places to eat!


What has been your favorite quarantine activity?

Kristin:  Reading.  I finally had time to read again.  My girlfriends and I are now trading books like crazy.  My older daughter also started a Zoom Book Club with a few friends from school and they now meet on Zoom every week and read to each other.


Michelle: Going on bike rides; we are an outdoor family so any time we can get on our bikes we go!


We love supporting local businesses. Can you please share your fave places for locals (or visitors!):

Go to dinner as a family – Kristin:  Pitfire Pizza,  Michelle: We have so many; top two are Mi Casaand Filomena’s because we can walk to both.

Have date night – Kristin:  A Restaurant,  Michelle: El Matador for sentimental value and amazing margs!

Have fun as a family outdoors – Kristin:  The beach, Michelle: The beach for sure!

Workout: Burn Boot Camp and a run at The Back Bay

Get your hair done  Kristin:  Holiday Salon,  Michelle:  Kelly Cordon  at Holiday Salon

Go shopping (for kids, yourself and gifts):  Kristin:  Common Thread (clothes, gifts), Fleur de Lys(gifts) Urbanism (furniture)  Michelle: Doll Boutique; and Seed Peoples Market

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