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Crystal met the doctors at River City Wellness when they joined us for our first ever South Austin Family Fun Fall Festival. Remember that?! Since then, Crystal has referred her husband, friends, and in-laws. Now, her and her children are patients too. What drew Crystal to River City Welless was their holistic approach to healthcare and the belief that our bodies were designed to heal themselves. She experiences it daily now… pain free, healthy cycle, and no longer gluten intolerant. Woohoo! Please allow us to proudly introduce Drs. Peter Martinez and Cody Capeloto.

Where are you each originally from and how did you meet each other?

We met while attending classes at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Peter, originally from Grapevine TX, became a chiropractor after 9 years in emergency medicine. Dr. Cody, originally from Gainesville FL, became a chiropractor after avoiding back surgery due to a high school football injury.


Why did you decide to live a holistic lifestyle? 

Dr. Peter’s life was changed the moment that his mom got a diagnosis that nobody wants to hear—  Stage 4 ovarian cancer, given weeks to live. Despite her numbers being in the optimal range, cancer had been growing undetected in her body for years. The warning signs of dysfunction and disease had been artificially suppressed by years of medications (issues like migraines, bloating, irregular cycles, and low back pain), had now surmounted to a life-changing diagnosis. After doctors gave her weeks to live, she began a holistic “Maxliving” lifestyle, and ended up living another 5 years, which she described as the best years of her life.

After witnessing his mom’s journey, Dr. Peter is committed to raising the next generation of kids in accordance with the body’s natural design. His two kids, Leo and Esther, are taught that their symptoms are signs of their body healing and they’re not meant to be suppressed. Because they live the Maxliving lifestyle, they get to enjoy the fullness of all that life has to offer.


How/why was River City Wellness founded?

River City Wellness was founded in 2018 so that families may experience health, hope, and wholeness.

After the ups-and-downs of 2020, many of us are just “getting by”, and not truly thriving in our health. You simply cannot perform at your 100% if you don’t have your health.

Our focus is not just to treat and manage symptoms; our goal is to find and fix the root cause of everyday problems— like headaches, neck and back pain, digestive issues, and other neurological, hormonal, and auto-immune disorders. When you correct the cause of the problem, you get to walk in freedom.

Our purpose is to inspire our patients to support the innate wisdom of the body, and to live a life free of interference.


In a nutshell, what is the core belief/philosophy behind your practice? 

Our core belief is that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. The body needs no help, just no interference.

Rather than looking at disease as a “big scary monster”, we break down the core dysfunctions that prevent your body from healing as it should. When you remove the interferences to healing on a day-in and day-out basis, your body will naturally heal— as that is what it is designed to do.

We utilize the 5 Essentials (nutrition, oxygen & exercise, mindset, minimizing toxins, and chiropractic care) to help your body heal and function at its 100%.


Who do you see in your office? What can they expect from a visit?

We adjust a range of ages— from newborns to one-hundred-and-six year olds. Our passion is seeing full families experience freedom in their health so that they may do what they love to do, and more importantly, what they’re called to do.

The first visit in the office consists of all the testing and procedures needed to find the cause of your problem. This includes posture evaluation, range of motion studies, orthopedic, spinal, and neurological exams, and additional imaging if necessary. Depending on the severity of your problem, one of our doctors will recommend a treatment plan to correct the cause of your issue.


What are your favorite places to go, things to do, in Austin? 

Some of our favorites are drinking kombucha & coffee at Cosmic, boating on Lake Austin, and watching live music at the Far Out Lounge. We value time that allows us to recharge, to be present, and fully engaged wherever we are. Our weekends consist of spending quality time with friends, playing on the water or a fun trail, and staying plugged in at our local church.


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