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I have been itching to introduce you to South Austin Moms’ latest mom crush, Candice Escobar since the day I met her just a few weeks ago. After a few long face-to-face (virtual) conversations I am so inspired by her vision to grow so much more than a business, and head-over-heels with her adorable boys, who joined us on our most recent call, to show me their breakfast and some of their toys. Read on to find out about her first weeks of homeschooling and her plans to empower women of color through her business…


Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Central Texas?

I am originally from San Antonio but have lived all over the world. I moved back to Texas from Florida in December 2019. 


Tell us about your boys! 

Elijah is my first born and just turned 6. Emile turned 4 about a month before that. 



How are you managing working from home while homeschooling for the first time? 

I answered this question for a friend who at the end said I sounded like an ad for homeschooling! This has been such a huge blessing because I am in complete control of our schedule. Meaning if I have a business-meeting or a doctor’s appointment or just an itch to drive an hour away for a hike  and some fresh air, I can find a way to plan the boys learning around it or even incorporate it in like a field trip. For example, last week the kids helped me sort and drop off our recycling and we spent the day at the river learning about the water cycle. It is so much fun to have this fascinating, yet practical conversations with them. 


Homeschooling at its finest. I love the way you are looking for ways to incorporate education into your daily activities. What are your favorite kid-friendly restaurants in New Braunfels? 

We love the nachos from Casa Garcias and it’s walking distance for us! But we mostly have meals at home these days. 


Spoken like true Texan. Walking distance to nachos = priorities! What do you love to do with your boys around town?

Take in nature! We are 5 mins drive from a beautiful park with a big pond that fills from the river. It has an old-fashioned miniature train that we ride. Then we picnic and watch the geese. We’ve gone to do the same at Zilker and played soccer. The summers here have been such a gift. 



I applaud you for being willing to get out in this heat! Tell us about Isagenix, how you got involved & how it has impacted your life/health… 

Like many people in my industry, I started because I needed a solution. I wasn’t myself a year into postpartum life and I knew I could be more active and involved with my kids with the right kind of support. I didn’t even know it was a business, but decided to dig deeper after being blown away by my results. 

I believe everyone deserves to feel amazing every single day and so many of us are used to feeling “so-so” most of the time. It has become normal and some people even mistake “not feeling bad” for “feeling good.” So I help people make very simple and easy swaps here and there so they can feel absolutely their best on a consistent basis. And for those who want it, we turn their grocery budget into an actual income! 


Tell us about your vision to empower women of color through your business… 

What I have found through educating myself on the issues that literally had our country burning this year is that the wealth gap is where we really get to focus our efforts and healing the black community once and for all. It only takes ONE generation to create a legacy of physical and financial wellness for the generations to come. 

Turns out I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. I had been contacted by women who are aligned with the same company, and we created a way to educate others on the cyclical effect of our current mindset around money and health and to show people of color a way to interrupt the pattern and break the cycle.

Many of the ways we are taught to do it now actually widen the gap: take out loans, go to school, make less money at a job (if you can find one) than your counterpart, all of which goes to your loans if you don’t have a health concern or other emergency come up. I mean I can go on for hours about how ingrained the belief is that black people have to suffer and struggle to get anywhere in life and how it subconsciously creates an insecurity about entering entrepreneurship. 

Essentially we are working to help people awaken to the fact that that belief simply isn’t true. 


Thank you for allowing South Austin Moms an inside glimpse of the community you are building to bring mindset transformation, and whole life health! 

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