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Did you ever dream of being a member of the The Babysitter’s Club, or starting one of your own? I sure did. Even made and passed out flyers in my neighborhood. This week’s featured momma is doing it… only with way more business savvy and passion for helping parents than my 12-year-old self did! Beth Heyer is a mover, a gatherer, a doer- she’s a community builder and I’m so excited to introduce you to her. This momma has been in Austin just over 2 years with her husband, Geoff, her two kiddos Grant (5) and Evelyn (3), and she is already making her mark in so many positive ways. Keep reading to get to know Beth!


Beth, you’ve been in Austin 2 years- where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio, home of Cedar Point.  I headed to Columbus, OH to attend THE Ohio State University in 2000 and lived in Columbus until we moved to Austin, October 2018.  We moved into our Dream Home in Circle C in October, spiced up our life a bit, selling it in July 2019, traveled the country in a 30 ft travel trailer for 70 days, and settled back into Circle C in September 2019.


Sounds like a fun spontaneous adventure! It’s almost like you anticipated my next question with that answer! I’ll ask anyway- what’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you…

Oh man, I feel like I’m a ball of surprises.  I was a synchronized swimmer in high school.  Prior to being a mom I traveled the country going from body shop to maintenance shop to manufacturing plant helping sales managers recruit other sales people.  


So far, what is your favorite thing about living in Austin?

So much.   Weather, Scenery, People. Ohio is GREY and cold.  This was an awesome change.  I love how it is green all year and how you hardly ever have to wear a real winter coat.  And the people, wow.  I have never felt such a sense of community so quickly and such a sense of camaraderie.  We are all cheering for each other.  


What do you love to do with your family around town?

We love hiking and exploring.  It’s so fun how you can find such beauty and nature so close to the city.  We also love eating and exploring new places, restaurants, as well as checking out all the kid friendly play places we can find. 



Now I’d love to hear about Babysitting Connection and how it recently came to be. 

I own and founded Babysitting Connection, a babysitting agency connecting Austin families to high quality sitters. I thrive on connecting people in anyway I can, whether it be a new doctor, a lactation consultant, a party bus company or to a babysitter.  After kids I became the Mom who had the little roster of great sitters that I would share with friends.  After moving to Austin and my roster being depleted, I knew I had to grow it again, for my own sanity.  I saw moms every day, on every babysitting page, and moms club page asking for sitters, reliable ones, immediate ones, long term and short term.  When it came time for me to head back into the career world, we looked into buying a variety of different franchises, from opening a play cafe to a co-working space, we kept coming back to a babysitting agency.  I love moms, I love kids, I love connecting people and I love helping.  It seemed like a perfect fit.    



What make Babysitting Connection unique from other sitter services?

The difference between me and the sitter apps and other agencies is, well, me.  I’m out there, interviewing the sitters, meeting the families, and am, well, maybe overly involved in all aspects of my business.  This isn’t just a babysitting agency, it’s a family.  I want to be a true resource of assistance and help to not only our Members, but our sitters as well. 


Sounds wonderful! I love that you share the South Austin Mom’s heart for connecting mommas to great resources. I know you are super involved in other ways in the community, and that’s how we actually first connected. Tell me more about that! 

YES!  I help run the Circle C Moms Club.  I LOVE Moms Clubs!  They were my anchor in Ohio and again in Texas.  I am the Preschool Ambassador with the Austin Allies, a program dedicated to helping find volunteer opportunities for children and families. I also work part time at the The Circle C Child Development Center, a non profit preschool, doing programing and fundraising.  


How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

The support of women and moms in particular has been phenomenal.  Everyone is cheering for everyone and it is amazing how small the city can become when you realize how connected you are to so many other people.  

I headed to Grow At Poppy’s launch event last year and immediately connected to the owner, Mandee, who is in a very similar stage of entrepreneurship as me, and we have become great friends and partnered on some great events.

Instagram has been phenomenal. I’m in an all Austin female business owner POD that is extremely supportive, to making connections and asking people I admire out to coffee.  Amy Hadley, of Hey Now Interiors and Phyllis Brasenell to name a few.  I’m not afraid to put myself out there and ask for a coffee date with people I admire and think I could connect with and learn from.  What’s the worst that can happen?


I agree 100%! I couldn’t imagine a more supportive community of women in which to start and run a business. We are cheering you on and so thankful for this service.


Y’all, sign up at Babysitting Connection with the code SAMOMS and get 50% off your first month!!!

Also, come meet Beth at the Childcare and Preschool Fair on March 7th! Details on the Calendar or the Facebook event HERE


Photography by Jessica Rockowitz

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