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This week’s Meet a Mom Feature is Yazmin Castaneda, local owner of Origin Mexico! Read more about her family history, the birth of her unique shop, and her favorite local places!

Hi Yazmin! Can you tell us about your business, Origin Mexico?

Origin Mexico was born in 2020 with a purpose to promote and preserve Mexican artistry displayed through high quality handmade goods. Our brand is founded on strong personal and long-lasting relationships with artisans in Mexico, fair and ethical business practices and creating a transparent supply chain. Our mission also includes giving back to artisan communities in Mexico and we do this by partnering with a non-profit in Oaxaca that supports artisan women through microfinance and responsible tourism.


How do you serve South Austin families?

We have been serving our local South Austin Families by participating in local pop-ups, Farmer’s Markets and sharing our unique items through our website. I have been fortunate to meet many of you at local events and love to hear your stories about your travels to Mexico or even how our products take you back to a time when you were a child and would wear similar styles.


What makes your items different from other shops?

Our items are unique, handmade, timeless and offer the versatility of combining traditional Mexican artistry with modern designs and color pallets.

How has the Pandemic affected your business?

A main reason why this brand was created was due to the impact Covid had on the livelihood of our artisan partners. Many artisans in Mexico rely on tourism as a main source of income. Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, the lives of our artisan partners were severely impacted when Covid surged. Many artisans live in remove villages, and they don’t have access to technology resources that would allow them to continue promoting their crafts. This unfortunate challenge become an opportunity to support our artisan friends in Mexico.

Origin Mexico became a space for them to showcase their artistry and craftmanship and allows us to share their products with a global audience that is seeking artisanal, ethical and small batch creations.


Can you please tell us about your family?

I am a very proud mom of three beautiful daughters and am blessed to have a very supportive husband that believes in me and my goals.  I live in Dripping Drippings and absolutely love this community.  We also have three dogs at home that keep me very busy.  When not working, I enjoy riding my bike on this wonderful Hill Country landscape and you’ll often use our family out and about enjoying a local winery or brewery.

What is your family history?

I was born in California and grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. Being a first generation Mexican- American, I grew up watching how my grandparents pursued their dreams, always persevering despite life’s challenges.  They both came from very humble beginnings and despite not having resources or an education, they persevered. That taught me to own my history, and the story of my family and to be very proud of it.  My mom has also been a very strong influence in my life.  From her I learned the importance of adaptability, work ethic and resilience.   

Honoring the path carved by my grandparents and mother is very important to me and this played a crucial part in why Origin Mexico was created. The sacrifices made by my family allowed me opportunities that I am very grateful for, and my goal is to in a small way, help other women create these opportunities for their families.

The stories of the artisan women I work with resonate with me because we all share a common goal: to create a better life for our children and families.


What was your occupation before starting Origin Mexico?

My professional background is in Real Estate Management where I worked as a Portfolio Director and most recently, as Corporate Strategist for a firm in California. As amazing as that experience was, it was time for me to evolve and pivot into something I had always dreamt about doing. I am grateful for my corporate background as that has allowed me to appreciate metric and data that businesses benefit from and apply many lessons learned about operating a business.


What is your favorite local restaurant? 

This is a tough one! So many to choose from.  Locally, I would say Fitzhugh Brewery because they are super family friendly. If it’s just my husband and I, Trattoria Lisina offers a phenomenal menu.


Do you have a favorite coffee spot?

Mazama is a go to spot since it’s in a great location here in Dripping Springs and as often visit after my daughter’s ballet class at Central Texas Youth Ballet. I also recently discovered Madrone Coffee, which is next to 290, they have amazing coffee.


Our missions is to give moms the gift of time. What are your best time-saving tips or resources as a mom?

I am still on a quest to be as resourceful as possible, but I have found that Trello has worked wonders for me in terms staying (or trying) to stay organized. They offer a free plan which you can tailor to anything you prefer, whether that be business or home organization.


Is there a discount code you could offer our South Austin Moms followers?

Yes! Click HERE for 10% off any of the items on our website! 

This post is sponsored by Origin Mexico

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