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This week’s Meet a Mom Feature is Talla Kuperman, local owner and creator of Love Talla, a unique and beautiful fingerprint jewelry collection. We chatted about her family, the inspiration behind her jewelry, and her local favorites!

Hi Talla! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

Almost 3 years ago to the day my husband Zach and I made the decision to move from Los Angeles to Austin. Zach was born and raised in Austin. While we were dating I was so enamored by the stories he would tell me of his childhood and being raised in Austin. To me, a first generation immigrant from Iran, his childhood sounded like the ultimate American dream and once we got married and decided to start a family, it was those stories that shaped the ideal life I wanted for my now 2.5 year old daughter Lexi.

We love your beautiful necklaces! How did you come up with the idea to start your business?

It was pretty early on when the pandemic hit. I was really triggered by the massive loss of life from Covid and started to tailspin into my own depression from losing my brother to cancer 10 years ago. The funeral home that helped me with his burial had given me a copy of his fingerprints. I decided to look for a beautiful remembrance necklace to feel a connection to my brother again. I wanted a stylish fingerprint pendant that was updated, elegant and versatile – something I could wear daily as a reminder of the incredible mark he left on my life. When I came up empty-handed, it ignited the idea of creating my own line of necklace pendants to share with those who are yearning to have a unique, meaningful, and stylish piece of forever jewelry representing love, loss, or simple human connection.

What was the inspiration behind using fingerprints?

The inspiration behind using fingerprints came from a longing to feel connected to the people we love. Whether that person is still with us or if they have passed away, it is really the only way to replicate a part of their body and literally feel like you are holding their hand. I also find fingerprints to be incredibly interesting and needless to say, unique.  Fingerprints are formed in utero when you are a baby. The patterns are made when a baby touches the surroundings of its mother’s womb as well as the interaction of the flow of amniotic fluid and the little baby’s fingers. It’s really fascinating. This is why identical twins, who are genetically identical, will have wildly different fingerprints.

Do you have dreams of expanding your collection? Opening a storefront someday?

Yes, I do have dreams of expanding my collection. I actually just expanded my collection to include best friend necklaces. They are an ode to the old-school, 90’s Best Friend Necklaces but with a stylish and one-of-a-kind twist, and that twist is to wear your BFF’s fingerprint on your half of your necklace. I was delighted to be chosen by The Wall Street Journal to be featured in an article about the resurgence of best friend jewelry. I was mentioned alongside Austin megabrand, Kendra Scott. I don’t really see myself doing a brick and mortar yet, but my next expansion will probably be something for the gents. I receive a lot of requests for jewelry or keepsakes more suited for men. That may be on the horizon for Father’s Day 2022, if not sooner.

What is your favorite thing about living in Austin?

My favorite thing about living in Austin is the people. I find them to be the kindest group of people I have ever met. I am a social butterfly and crave community, so when I moved to Austin without really knowing anyone, it was very lonely. I also had a baby very soon after moving here, which created another obstacle in meeting friends. I remember meeting my wonderful friend Jessica when I first moved here. My husband was friends with her husband, and they thought we should meet. At dinner Jessica said that we should “meet up sometime”, which to me that was code for “we are probably never going to hang.” Well imagine my delight when I received a phone call the very next day to set up a lunch date for the following Wednesday! After I had my baby, which proved to be an incredibly difficult time of my life, Jessica came over every week to hang out with me, give me tons of mom advice because I obviously had no idea what I was doing, and to make sure I wasn’t lonely or sad. Now that I have been here for 3 years I can say that I have built a tribe of friends that are just as kind as Jessica.

What is your favorite local restaurant?

There is so much good food in Austin; it is so hard to choose! I would have to say, all around, my favorite restaurant is Red Ash, but I am loving all the new concepts that are opening up downtown such as Qi and Simi Estiatorio. Recently, I hopped over to South Austin to try out Taste of Ethiopia and was blown away by their Doro Wat chicken dish!  As you can see, I love food, so it is incredibly hard for me to pinpoint just one favorite.

Favorite coffee spot?

I know this is going to sound a bit weird, but my favorite coffee spot is actually not meant to be a coffee spot. I am obsessed with the Nitro coffee that Elle, the owner of Pikopye’s Town in South Austin serves at her amazing, creative, indoor play space. I love the coffee so much I once stopped there to grab a cup when Lexi wasn’t even with me. Elle and I have also become friends recently, and she graciously offered to have a couple of my pendants on display at her business. If anyone wants to go and see a sample in person, they can find them at Pikopye’s Town.

Our mission is to give moms the gift of time. What is your best time-saving tip/resource as a mom?

My best time saving tip/resource is that if it is possible for you, spend the money to hire someone to do whatever it is that will save you time. You can always figure out a way to make more money, but you cannot create more time.

Do you offer a discount or promotional code for our readers?

I would be more than happy to offer a promo code to the readers and their friends and family. The code is ATXSMOM for a 15% discount. The Love Talla pendants are really special keepsakes but also incredible gifts to give to someone, especially people who are hard to shop for or the girl who already has everything. I bet she doesn’t have a Love Talla fingerprint pendant!

This post is sponsored by Love Talla

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