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I’m excited for you to meet Haydee Arce, mom of three, time-saving at home chef and Thermomix Team Leader. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself:
My family and I have been in Austin for 13 years now. I grew up in a border town near El Paso, Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua. My husband Cesar and I have three kids – Sofía (10), Hugo (7) and Julieta (3). And our little dog, Princess.

Before kids, I did a little bit of everything. I graduated from UT El Paso as a Civil Engineer. I didn’t have much luck finding a job as a civil engineer, so I dabbled in office management, was a substitute teacher and earned my Health Coach certificate. I have a passion for clean, healthy eating and my health coach certificate is where this started for me. For a short time, I had a small juicing business for a few customers in my neighborhood as well. It was cold-pressed juice and I would make the 3-5 days of juice for each cleanse and deliver to them. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t have the space to continue growing. Shortly after, I found Thermomix. I started as a Consultant with them and am now a Team Leader, covering Austin to San Antonio.

What is Thermomix?
Thermomix is a German company that has been on market for 50 years. It is a very popular thing in Europe. Everyone has one – it is the go-to wedding gift. It is basically a kitchen appliance that does everything for you – chopping, grinding, sauteing, steaming, shredding and even cleaning. Everything you can think of that you need to do in a recipe, Thermomix can do it for you. It saves times, money and space.

Kitchen gadgets are all the rage right now, but Thermomix is the closest thing you can get to home cooking. That is something really important to me because I love to serve my family fresh, homemade meals. Food is a big part of our family and culture, but I’m also a mom of three – so time is always of the essence!


Thermomix is an investment and when you purchase from a consultant – you get the service of a real person. Someone to walk you through how to use it, recipes to try and answer any questions. A consultant offers customer service – we want you to fall in love with your investment!

Any time saving tips for other moms?
Well, my number one tip is a Thermomix! Start a meal and walk away. And this may not be a time saving tip, but for me, it is important for me to show my kids that I am setting time aside just for them. For us, when the kids get home from school, they are starving and need some time to decompress from the day. This is when the five of us gather around the table to eat and talk. They look forward to this time, as do I. Family traditions are big for me. When I grew up, Sundays were for family. My dad worked a lot, so when he was home on Sundays, we were all home together and engaged.

Another thing moms always hear, but it needs to be repeated is that we need to take time for ourselves. Let your kids see that you take care of yourself! They learn from watching you and you are teaching them the importance of taking care of themselves. We tend to forget about ourselves as moms because we are always giving, giving, giving. Or we feel guilty about taking time away, but we shouldn’t.

Are you seeing any challenges in your business?
For me, the biggest challenge or hurdle is creating consciousness. Opening the mind and changing the habit of buying pre-cooked food is hard. Going from easy pre-cooked/boxed meals to offering fresh foods is a hard adjustment to make for people and I understand that. I am not here to judge anyone – feeding your family is the most important thing and however that is done, is perfect. But I strongly believe that our health starts with what we eat.

Making people more aware of the other options out there can be challenging. It may seem scary or overwhelming, but taking small steps can make it more realistic and approachable – make yourself a clean lunch for a week and see if that carries over to other meals for your family. Make the investment in yourself!

How can we learn more about Thermomix and what it does?
We offer private cooking demos right in your home! I will come into your home to make a meal, show you how Thermomix can do it all for you and then boom – dinner is served! You just need to provide the ingredients. There’s another time saver for you!

Any travel wishes?
I would love to stay in Italy for about six months. Not a big city, but one of the smaller islands off the coast of Italy. Just be immersed in the culture and town with my family. I would really love that.

Favorite spots in Austin?
Our favorite date night spot is Aba. The food is amazing and I instantly feel younger and hip because it’s downtown – ha! If we have the kiddos with us, we like Meanwhile Brewery. It has good beer, good food and great ice cream (Bésame). Tons of room for the kids to run around, shade from the trees – it’s a great spot.

Anything you can share about yourself that others don’t know?
Something interesting…I hate worms. Soo disgusted by them. The kids have never brought me one, thank goodness. I’m not sure they even know – so please don’t tell them!



Thank you, Haydee! If you’d like to learn more about Thermomix and how it can help you save time, reach out to Haydee at [email protected] or visit her on Instagram at @powercookingatx and @haydeearce.

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