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Growing in both popularity and opportunities, Austin is one of the most attractive cities for renters. And, with investments being made all over the city, it seems as though Austin is bringing its citizens an ever-developing tech scene and slew of job opportunities, especially in tech and related areas — but that’s not all. Although people continue to flock to Austin, there’s no shortage of supply. In fact, apartment construction is booming in the region.

If you’re looking for an Austin apartment, there are plenty of options to choose from. Yet, it’s not always just about finding what’s best for you, but also what’s best for your family. Plus, as a mom, there are so many things you need to pay attention to when renting with kids, and sometimes it’s good to have a list to keep track of it all. So, to assist you in your search, we put together some of the most important aspects to consider when browsing rental communities for your family’s new home. 



The neighborhood is an influential factor when renting a new place for your family. For instance, although we’re spending more time indoors now, it’s still important to know that any necessary amenities are within close proximity. That includes well-rated schools and places for extracurricular activities, as well as green spaces, parks, libraries, playgrounds and so on. What’s more, your needs may also depend on the age of your kids, so think about what you need from a neighborhood and adapt this list to make your own. 

Likewise, the feel of a neighborhood is also important. For example, are there families with kids or is it an area more suited for young professionals? Is it a tranquil place or is there a busy street with lots of traffic passing through? Do your research before choosing a neighborhood. Specifically, make sure to read online reviews and talk to some locals to get firsthand information.



Community Amenities

Some communities are built with families and kids in mind. As a result, these rentals may have options that could compensate for the lack of certain amenities in a neighborhood — if, for example, you need to live in a less kid-friendly area in order to be closer to work. In this scenario, look for communities that are kid-friendly and have on-site playgrounds and green spaces. Some may also have pools, which are also great for exercise and down time. Above all, make sure that there is an emphasis placed on safety, such as gated communities with controlled access. 



Apartment Amenities

For the apartment itself, size is probably one of the most important aspects. Focus on finding a large apartment with as many rooms as possible to ensure that both you and your kids can have your privacy. Plus, larger apartments usually have more storage space, as well. As an idea, consider selecting an apartment with two bathrooms so the kids can have their own. And, while a larger space might require more maintenance, you may actually find it easier to clean and organize your apartment if you have enough room to properly store your items. Designating areas for each activity — especially if your kids are going to school online and you’re working from home — can also be a game-changer. 

As far as the official amenities, cleanliness is always a priority, so an in-unit washer and dryer — as well as a dishwasher — are likely necessities. And, to maximize your efficiency, high-speed internet is also a must. A bundle with cable may also be beneficial if you have educational and/or kid-friendly channels in your lineup. While you’re at it, look for large closets and areas that could serve as storage space for toys and other kid-related items to easily deal with kids’ clutter. 

Likewise, when you check out the layout of the apartment, see if you can implement a “mud room” right by the entrance. If so, use this as a space where kids can take off their dirty shoes and clean up a little before running around the apartment. Meanwhile, if your apartment has a balcony or access to a patio, this could also be an amazing benefit if the area is secure and there are no risks for the children. You could even have a small balcony garden and teach your kids about growing vegetables, herbs or flowers. 

While not all of these amenities are must-haves for everyone, this is a good starting point if you’re beginning your research and need a baseline. Plus, you can always adapt it to meet your individual needs and situation. Additionally, when discussing the lease with a potential landlord, be sure to address any concerns you may have — especially those related to safety — and make sure you ask all of your questions so you can begin this journey with peace of mind.


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