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Long gone are the days of dropping off actual film and waiting a week to pick up 24 prints (48 if you opted for doubles!), uncertain of how they’ll turn out. The dawn of digital photography offered instant gratification with the ease of taking multiple shots, so you could choose your favorites and delete the less frame worthy. But how many of us take the time to delete all of those duplicates? As I delete apps to make room for the thousands of photos I’ll never have time to sort and organize, I find myself looking back at the days of Wolf Camera (remember those?) brick and mortar stores with nostalgia.


My kids especially love to gather around our desktop computer and watch family videos from when they were little and living overseas. I love hearing their exclamations and laughter as they click through, but locating their favorites has become increasingly difficult. As a busy mom, I just don’t have time to sit down and dedicate the attention needed to organize videos and photos in a way that our kids can easily access and relive precious memories- the way that I can by pulling out an album from my childhood. So I reached out to Doorstep Digital to help me with their mad digital organization skills. The goal: deduplication of photos and consolidation of favorite family videos in one location. They pulled from multiple external hard drives, computers and phones so that our “walks” down memory lane can be 100% delight and 0% chore. Check it out below.

Doorstep Digital’s services are extensive and live up to their name! While Jack and his team were able to come into my home prior to a worldwide pandemic, they can also pick up devices at your doorstep and deliver just the same. Their services include digital archiving and scanning, back up and organization, home private cloud set up and custom album design. See the album of my Grandma’s letters they designed for me HERE. 

This post is sponsored by Doorstep Digital

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