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Pregnancy and the Postpartum season that follows is so empowering. Anyone else feel like yelling, “I am WOMAN!” after giving birth? At the same time I think I never felt more vulnerable than when my body was constantly altering and I could only accept and submit to those changes. I was ecstatic to find Ladybird Physical Therapy because Rebecca Maidansky brings pregnancy and postpartum PT to you, right in line with South Austin Moms’ goal to give moms the gift of time. She gives you so much more than that with home based care: comfort, dignity and money saved on gas and child care. I know that I would have been so much more likely to seek postpartum care, which I needed, had it been this convenient and compassionate. Let me introduce you to Rebecca…



Tell us about yourself! Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?


I’m originally from the Philadelphia area, from small town called Reading. Its claim to fame is being featured in Monopoly as the Reading Railroad. I moved to Austin by way of San Francisco about 2 years ago!



One thing people would be surprised to know about you…


I’ve been to 47 of the 50 states. I should have made it to 49 but I got very tired on my last cross country road trip and slept for two days in Denver instead of making it to the Dakotas.



What a traveler! You will have to make it to the Dakotas sometime… they are beautiful! What is your favorite thing about living here in Austin now?


I’m torn. I love how nice people are here and I love all the swimming holes. Growing up in the northeast, swimming in rivers was not encouraged. I love how many hikes lead to amazing swimming areas in Texas! Also, people here are SO welcoming. I love that.



There is so much to love about Austin, I’m so glad that you’ve made it home. What do you love to do around town?


My partner and I like to hike, climb and eat! I spend a lot of my free afternoons along the Hike and Bike trail and my weekends going to different parks in the region.



Tell us about Lady Bird PT and how it came to be, what you love about it, what makes it unique, what your goal is, etc…


I started Lady Bird PT after working in an outpatient, pelvic floor physical therapy clinic.  I was burnt out and felt like seeing 40 people per week wasn’t allowing me to critically think, or give my patients my full time and attention. I also kept hearing over and over again from my new mothers and parents that loading a new born into the car, or getting out of the house while pregnant and in pain was so difficult that they just couldn’t keep coming in.

Lady Bird PT is a home based pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy clinic. I travel to my patients. I also allow my patients to text and email me between sessions if they need any clarification.

My goal for Lady Bird PT is to make getting care easier for everyone. To reduce the difficulty of spending an hour in the car each way in Austin traffic with a baby screaming in the back, to reduce the need to pay for child care while paying for PT. I want to make getting help as convenient as possible. I also want to see how my patients move in their own home and their own space. As a PT I can get so much more information by seeing how they lift their baby out of the crib, or how they get in and out of their own bed. I’m excited for the flexibility to give my patients what they actually need and to be able to set our own schedule.



I love your heart to care for mommas! Are you involved in anything else within the community?


I frequently give educational classes throughout the community in yoga studios, doula classes and physicians’ offices to help providers and patients alike feel more confident and comfortable in managing pregnancy and the postpartum period. I’m always willing to come talk if you have a suggestion!



That’s amazing and I’ll keep that in mind! How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?


The birthing community in Austin has been extraordinarily welcoming, encouraging and supportive. From doulas, to midwives, chiropractors, prenatal yoga instructors, fitness instructors, acupuncturists and nutritionists… I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet with and learn from dozens of women whose encouragement has meant the world. I’m so thankful for the community of people working towards the mutual goal of helping pregnant and postpartum people achieve a healthy, meaningful and safe transition throughout this wild time in their lives.

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