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Y’all have seen me talk about boxing fitness on here before. And for good reason! It’s a fabulous full body workout and combines cardio and strength training. But did you know that boxing fitness also gives you the opportunity to work on communication, partnership and trust? All things you can apply to your marriage, your role as a partner and a parent?With Father’s Day coming up, this is the perfect time to give the gift of boxing fitness at Legends Boxing to the men, dads and sons in your lives


Benefits in your relationship and marriage:


One of the biggest possible sore points in relationships and partnerships is communication and the ability to communicate to be heard and understood by your partner. Boxing fitness works on this exact skill! Boxing fitness provides a unique opportunity for couples and families to engage in a shared activity that promotes physical fitness, mental resilience, and emotional bonding. It requires you and your partner to have constant communication with one another fostering a stronger bond and naturally improving teamwork. It also provides a chance for some much needed stress relief while creating a positive and supportive environment!

Plus, making your next date night or family night at the boxing gym adds a layer of fun and excitement! The skills you acquire during a workout will translate over to the home and the next time you find yourself needing to be on the same page as your partner, you already know have a solid foundation of these skills built in the gym! Take it from me, it’s so much fun to get those endorphins flowing!

In parenting…


For parents, the challenges of daily life can sometimes overshadow personal well-being. Incorporating boxing fitness into their routine can have transformative effects. You’ll see your energy levels drastically improve. Less than 50% of mothers met the recommended levels of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (150 minutes per week), regardless of the ages of their children (according to a study done by Cambridge University in 2022.) When we set the example as parents that exercise comes with a high importance, we are teaching our children to live a heaithier lifestyle and fosting their commitment to a lifelong active life. Another benefit of boxing fitness for parent is the self confidence that comes with growing and learning new skills. It is such an empowering feeling!

In honor of Father’s Day this month, Legends is offering an awesome deal on memberships! They understand that going to the gym – any kind of gym – is a big commitment, and we don’t want you to spend another minute away from family; we want you to bring them with you, and we want boxing fitness to be a family affair! Enter the Legends Family Add-On plan.

With our Family Add-On membership option you can attend the gym together as a couple, ditch the babysitter and bring the gang with you and make boxing fitness a family experience! Our memberships are awesome for ages 12 years and older (and we will make exceptions for those a little younger who show maturity and focus in the gym).

If one member of your family is already a part of our Legends Tribe, you can add a member of your family starting at just $100 per month per member. Our special “Training Partner” Membership was created for those in the same household, where the first person pays the full priced membership ($125-$150/month for unlimited use) and additional members can be added to the plan for just $100/month AND with half off enrollment as well (free gloves and wraps for everyone)!

My kids can come with me to a boxing class!?


Now, let’s not forget the benefits that our kids can see if they try a class with us. At Legends, we welcome children over the age of 12 to enjoy the sport with us! Boxing training instills discipline, focus, and self-control in children, helping them stay dedicated to their goals and excel in other areas of life, such as academics. As kids master boxing techniques and overcome challenges, their confidence and self-esteem soar, paving the way for personal growth. Let’s not forget the power of teaching these young adolescents self-defence and bullying prevention skills! Studies have shown that boxing empowers children, making them less vulnerable to bullying and improving their ability to protect themselves. So, why not bring your kids along with you to class instead of leaving them at home?

Boxing fitness offers a plethora of benefits for couples, families, parents, and children alike. From fostering stronger bonds and communication to boosting self-confidence and resilience, boxing empowers individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Whether you’re looking for an activity to enjoy with your partner or seeking personal growth and development for yourself or your children, boxing fitness presents a dynamic and transformative solution for all. Embrace the power of boxing and unlock your full potential with your loved ones by your side!

It teaches kids discipline, builds strength, grows confidence and shows them what it is like to put their minds to something and to be challenged! At Legends Boxing, we love our power couples, mother/daughter & father/son duos, our younger members and the amazing families who are part of our Tribe!

Stop by our Legends Boxing locations in South Austin and Cedar park or give us a call at (512) 777-8134 to learn more about the Family Add-On plan and to get your first FREE workout scheduled for you and any of your family members – we can’t wait to meet you and your family at the gym!

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