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I am often found with a large cup of coffee in one hand and my water bottle in the other. “Caffeinate, Hydrate!” has been my motto. One of my goals at the start of the New Year was to up my water intake, but the normal daily activity of Mom-ing left me feeling like I was always trying to catch up to what my body needed. Then I heard about IV rehydration therapy and I found IVitamin.



This week I had the privilege of talking with Jordan Cobb, CEO and co-founder (with her friend of 20 years: Jana Gavin) of IVitamin about how the business came to be and how it benefits busy moms like you and me. I’m so excited to introduce you to her! 


Tell us about yourself. What is your average day?

I feel really blessed to have such a full life. I am married to my college sweetheart and we have 2 really fun energetic kids who are 3 and 5. We love living in Austin and all of the outdoor active things the city has to offer. Our favorite thing to do as a family is go wake surfing on Lake Austin. We are passionate about living an active healthy lifestyle and are always on the go looking for adventure and more things to experience. I like to say yes to pretty much all things because I believe it only makes my life fuller. An average day for me involves a juggling act of being a mom, running a business, making exercise and eating right a priority, being there for friends and loved ones and trying to be the best at all of these things. It is non stop and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am passionate about living my life to the fullest and taking advantage of all of the experiences I am so blessed to have.


Sounds like you have a tap on energy! I know moms are going to want to know where it comes from. Tell us how IVitamin was born…  

Jana and I had both visited an IV lounge that helped us feel amazing after our service and thought Austin would be the perfect place to bring this concept to. With Jana’s background as a pharmacist and my background in medical sales and business we knew that together we could create something really amazing in this space. The idea was literally born in my living room over a bottle of wine discussing how as moms we wanted to create a lifestyle that was conducive to raising kids while also bringing our passion of health and wellness into the space of IV therapy and create something Austin did not currently have. Almost 3 years later we have successfully brought IV therapy mainstream to Austin offering a beautiful spa like location downtown and mobile services to those that did not want to leave wherever they are at to get the service. Our vision is the way we live our lives- work hard, play hard. We live very full very busy lives as moms, entrepreneurs, wives, friends, active members within the community and want to feel our best to fully enjoy all of the moments we work so hard to create. IV therapy helps us feel our best in all areas of our lives and helps us get that added edge on health, wellness and anti-aging that so many people strive for and by having this business we are able to offer this to others.


What do you love about IVitamin?

We love the ability to offer a natural approach to help people feel their best that offers benefits unlike any other form of supplementation. With IV you get 100% absorption and instant delivery into the bloodstream which provides maximum benefits. We also love working with people that may not know it is possible to still increase your energy and feel better even as we age. It is fun helping people accomplish their wellness goals! 


What do you want moms to know about IVitamin?

I think most moms wish that they had more time and energy during their day but we rarely approach energy in a healthy way. When I get an IV my body has the energy I need to wake up, get in a work out and take care of the kids. At the end of my day, I have the energy to make dinner, have family time and finish my day feeling as great as when I started. We do so many unhealthy things to our body; this is one good thing we can do for ourselves.


Just to add on that, moms, when you visit IVitamin you get set up in a lux massage chair with a pillow, fluffy blanket, headphones and an eye mask if you want, so you are in for a full body treat (and maybe a nap!). 


What has IV Therapy done for your health?

It has given me a clean sustainable energy, helped me with workouts and recovery. It has helped me sleep better and have a clearer focus with less brain fog. It has also made a difference in my skin making it better hydrated and giving it a glow. After about 3 weeks I start feeling like something is off and I realize it is time for my next drip. To put it very simply it makes me feel better which then makes everything else align to be the best.


What makes IVitamin unique?

Our business is unique because there are not many options currently that offer what we provide. We have a beautiful brick and mortar location downtown on S Congress that provides a posh experience for clients where they come and sit in over sized massage chairs, receive a blanket, pillow and eye mask to fully relax while they do something amazing for their body and health. We also offer mobile services where we can bring the element of wellness to an event, pop up or corporate meeting and offer IV hydration anywhere. We also have an incredible team of experts in the medical profession that provide exceptional service. 


What is your goal for the future of IVitamin?

The future of our business includes being the recognized brand in IV therapy for quality, care and client experience. We also plan to educate other businesses that want to include IV service into their current practice so that it is done safely and affectively. Lastly, we plan to open up multiple locations across Texas and the US to bring the benefits of IV therapy mainstream. 


I guess that means one day I’ll be able to pop in for some IV rehydration therapy when I’m visiting family in Dallas! 


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