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School is out for the summer and despite the Texas heat, we’ll all be drawn outdoors in one way or another. No matter the activity, I’ve been reminded recently that we all have something in common – OUR HATRED FOR MOSQUITOES! For me, spending time outside is unavoidable. The kids love it and only seem to care about mosquito bites right at bedtime…how convenient!

I recently learned about a super local company, MosquitoTex, literally started in the backyard of a Circle C neighbor. Founder, owner and longtime Austinite, Thomas Aitchison, was hanging out with neighbors in their yard and decided there had to be something he could do to get rid of the annoying mosquitoes. He bought a backpack sprayer and got to work on his yard, and not too long after had the interest of other neighbors and friends who also wanted their yards sprayed. Soon enough, MosquitoTex was born. A company built by neighbors to serve neighbors. But getting rid of the mosquitoes wasn’t his only objective – customer service was and still is extremely important to Thomas. MosquitoTex and his team of mosquito control specialists aim to be your truly local solution for your truly annoying mosquitoes.

For MosquitoTex, Thomas says your yard is not just another address on their customer list. His team aims to treat your yard as if it was their own! When a technician comes to service your yard, one of their main goals is for you to feel they’ve done a thorough job. If a technician spots a potential problem area, such as clogged rain gutters or other things happening around your yard that may attract mosquitoes, they’ll point it out to you. They’re going to be on site for a long enough time to do the job right! MosquitoTex is not a franchise either, so if you have a question or concern, you’re able to contact Thomas directly about it. That’s what I love about a homegrown company – you’re dealing with someone who truly has a passion, took a risk and started a small business. The owner is 100% invested in the customer experience, and that’s reflected in the experience you receive from start to finish.
MosquitoTex treats your yard for mosquitoes every 21 days and charges $69 per treatment for yards less than 1/3 acre. That three-week time period helps disrupt the hatch cycle of mosquitoes. Get ‘em before they get you! They also offer mid-cycle resprays upon request to help give your most recent treatment a boost if needed. And because it’s important to me, I wanted to share that the spray can be used safely around your kiddos and pets.
My friend Kara, a South Austin mom with two boys who love to be outside, initially told me about MosquitoTex.

“Great customer service and affordable pricing have made our yard the place to be for the whole family!”


South Austin mom of 2

Another thing I’ve learned is that no yard spraying service can completely get rid of your mosquitoes – so beware if another company tells you something like that! But, there are some things you can do on your own at home that can help control mosquitoes in addition to getting your yard sprayed by MosquitoTex.

  • Keep your yard in good shape. Mosquitoes like to hang out under leaves and like shade (don’t we all!), so keeping foliage trimmed back should help.
  • About 15 minutes before you head outside, light some citronella candles or tiki torches. That extra time allows the scent to permeate the area. An added bonus, your backyard will look like a tropical oasis!
  • If you do a quick Google search for mosquito traps, you may be overwhelmed by the options. Thomas recommends going with a CO2 trap, which mimics carbon dioxide and also uses UV light to help lure mosquitoes into the trap. Because they attract mosquitoes, you’ll want to place the traps away from where you’re hanging out the most. (Side note: did you know mosquitoes are attracted to our breath??)


  • You can also plant some mosquito-repelling plants. Some people swear by these, others don’t see a difference. But if you want to try, look for lavender, rosemary, thyme, basil, citronella, catnip, sage, lemon grass, mint or marigolds. The plants will need to be close to where you normally hang out in the yard. So for me, I would have them around our seating area on the patio.
  • And the one most of us are familiar with is to get rid of any amount of standing water around your yard. All it takes is one ounce, or about a capful of water, hidden somewhere around your yard for a mosquito to lay hundreds of eggs. I always have to try and remember to turn my kids’ water table over to get it completely dry after they’re done!


Thomas and his wife live in southwest Austin with their two year-round swimming teenage boys. If the family is not camping in Pedernales Falls State Park or on the pool deck, you’ll find them at Jack Allen’s.

You can learn more about the services MosquitoTex offers and other useful information on their website. I hope that you’ll check them out and make your time outdoors more enjoyable. Now is the time of season to do it! You can also reach out to Thomas personally with any questions at [email protected].

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