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Recently, I have found myself ready to get to my fitness game. Since I am a mom of 2 little kids, I don’t have all the time in the world to spend in a gym setting so I was looking for something to give me a good way to get my heart rate up and maybe meet a few other moms along the way. Legends Boxing Fitness enters the group chat. I decided to bring a few of my close girlfriends along for support and check out a Saturday morning class and I’m so glad I did. Let me tell you why. 

I’m not going to lie y’all, I was a little nervous walking into the studio for that class. Thankfully, Coach Vic greeted me and got me and my friends set up with hand wraps and gloves. They had us set our gloves down by a boxing bag and to hop into the warm up of sprints. Once I got to jogging though and the music was strong, I was starting to feel myself! Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging despite me trying to catch my breath after not running for quite some time!

After our warm up was done, we moved into the boxing portion on the bags. This was the part that made me the MOST nervous. There are 8 basic moves in a boxing class and when a coach is explaining what you will be doing, they refer to the choreography as a sequence of numbers. A jab is a sudden punch, a cross is a straight punch, a hook is a short side power punch and an uppercut is a short swinging upward power punch. Each of those 4 moves are performed with each arm giving you 8 moves. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot to remember!! But! Each move is listed on the wall closest to the punching bags with the description. As the class starts flowing, you pick it up really easily. The coaches are also circulating to help with form as well. The whole environment is really supportive of beginners (like me!).

The last part of the class was very similar to any group conditioning class, but with a boxing twist on it. The coaches had us all along the ring doing things like box jumps, sit ups, planks etc. It was actually really fun to use the ring this way. It was really creative. Before we knew it, class was over and I just burned close to 500 calories in a little under an hour. WOW! What an impact.

Overall, I’d recommend stopping by Legends Boxing Gym to see how you can incorporate some of these classes into your fitness journey. I was really worried that the class would only be for those people who either really loved boxing, MMA, and those who had experience, but I could NOT have been more WRONG! I was boxing next to a sweet lady who had pink gloves that read “GIGI”. After I asked her about them, she said her grandkids got them for her because she fell in love with the studio. How cool!

Ready to take the leap and try a boxing fitness class for yourself?

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