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Have you joined your local Buy Nothing group?

Spring cleaning always feels so good, but then what to do with the things you are getting rid of? Sure, there are donation stores (which are great and convenient), but have you heard of neighborhood Buy Nothing groups? They’re incredible. I’ve been part of our neighborhood page for about two years now.

Buy Nothing groups are all about community. The act of giving and receiving freely – there’s no cost associated. Tanuja, an admin of a local Buy Nothing group shared with me, “I love the giving spirit of the members and neighbors. I believe it stems from a belief of abundance. It’s amazing to see how generous people are. Additionally, the connections made with neighbors is priceless. Through the group, I have made so many new friends and have kept in touch with them even after our groups have sprouted. The Buy Nothing group has not just given me material things but also, walking buddies, friends who get together for coffee and share recipes and friends who swap plants!”

First, you’ll need to find the Buy Nothing group for your neighborhood on Facebook. Once your request to join has been approved, you’re ready to go! Make sure to read the group’s rules/announcements – they’re typically pinned to the top. Then, simply post a photo of something you are ready to re-home, add a short description and you’re set! People will respond and you can simply leave the item on your porch to be picked up! Easy as that. You’d be surprised how many of your neighbors would be interested in that old book shelf, a rug from your garage, or even brand-new things you no longer have a use for. Natalie, a member since January 2020 says her favorite aspect of Buy Nothing groups has been the ability to “connect and form friendships with many nearby neighbors. Which I’m especially grateful for them considering the majority were made throughout the pandemic. Being in the group has also really changed my mind set about the abundance we live with and our consumer culture. It’s a great way to divert things going into the landfill. No longer have a use for something? A neighbor likely does!”

One of my best Buy Nothing finds was this PJ Masks Catboy car – my kids LOVED it. Then they outgrew it over time, so I posted it back in the group and it found its’ new home with a family of three boys. We have also picked up puzzles, interesting books, toys and more. Most recently, I have given a neighbor a bunch of rubber ducks (how do kids end up with so many of those?) as she is doing an art project with them! “I believe that books and plants are the best gifts to give and receive. I have received so many books for my 10-year-old bibliophile, especially during the pandemic when the library was closed. It was such a blessing,” said Tanuja. “I took up indoor gardening as a hobby – through the group, I have received so many plant cuttings and have propagated and given back so many” she adds.

Happy gifting!

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