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Let’s face it, traveling with kids can be really tricky and us moms are always looking for ways to organize better and keep everyone sane at the same time! These are my best tried and true hacks for traveling with my kiddos.

1.TSA pre-check. This is probably the BEST investment I have made for myself and my family. It costs $78/adult and it’s good for FIVE years! No more taking shoes off or pulling liquids or laptops out. It’s easy breezy cover girl for an otherwise stressful experience at the airport. Your kids are included if they are under 18! There are even some credit cards where it’s free as well, but I will say that it is well worth the money for the time and headache saved. 



2. This is probably obvious, but snacks snacks and more snacks. You never know when a flight will be delayed (like one where we were supposed to land at 8pm and didn’t until 145 am. YIKES) and we did not pack enough snacks for us and it was a nightmare! If you think you have enough snacks, you don’t. Bring more. 

3. Everyone has heard of packing cubes by now, but what about the shoe organizer hack? I’m going to give credit for my husband on this one, because I thought he was crazy, but we hung up a shoe organizer in our hotel room and it was SO convenient! We stuck the kids shoes, hair stuff, bathing suits, sunscreen, my hair tools, and the kids outfits by each day in each pocket and it was a game changer! I’m never traveling with my kids without it ever again!



4. Sound machines and clips for the blackout curtains for your hotel room! There are so many unfamiliar noises and with everyone in the same room in a hotel room, a sound machine is a must for us so everyone gets a good night sleep. I also cannot stand those blackout curtains that let that one sliver of bright light in, so I bring chip clips or I use the pants hangers in the hotel closet to clip those curtains together!

5. The last and biggest hack I have is to use a travel agent! Most of you are probably thinking, are travel agents even a thing anymore? And YES, we are! Now more than ever, parents do not have the time (or energy) to research and book their vacations! That’s where I come in! Travel agents are actually included in the cost of your vacation anyway, whether you use one or not! I see the same pricing that you do! So that money is just going to the supplier (Disney, Universal, Cruises, all inclusive), when it could be going to support my family and my small business! Visit my website to learn more and fill out my short form for a free quote! https://peaceloveandpixiedust.me/

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