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If you follow South Austin Moms on IG, you know I began a new exploration of wellness through chiropractic this fall. What I’ve discovered is that River City Wellness goes beyond chiropractic care into a holistic approach to total health of body and mind. I’m learning about how my body was created to heal itself from the inside if I invest in true wellness rather than treating symptoms through implementing these 5 Essentials of Wellness.


Core Chiropractor Care

Your spine is your body’s central information highway, and your spine needs to be in proper chiropractic alignment for the body’s systems to communicate with each other. When our spines are aligned messages of healing can begin to move freely through our bodies! Personally, in just 2 months of care I’ve noticed better sleep, a healthier gut, a regulated cycle, more energy & motivation, and lessened sensitivity to gluten (insert mind blown emoji).


Pure and Simple Nutrition

The foods you choose have an impact on your health, which may be helpful or harmful. Nourishing or not. When you emphasize whole foods that are nutrient-dense, you’re treating your body with the respect that it deserves. RCW provides you with a nutritional assessment to help you understand where you are and what changes you need to make for better long-term health. They also provide simple recipes, meal inspiration, and supplements to make the shift to healthier eating easy.



There is so much talk about mindset right now! Life coaches, influencers, mom-bosses- you name it! They’ve grasped the power of mastering our thoughts. The accomplishment of any goal starts with the right mindset. I love that the wellness experts at RCW walk with you to help you achieve a healthy mindset and define your wellness goals. This will help you learn to manage stress better, sleep better, and experience better mental clarity.


Exercise and Oxygen

Exercise helps to increase your body’s oxygen levels which can help you to feel more energetic and improve your ability to fight infections, stress, anxiety, and other illnesses. RCW’s services include scientifically-based exercise programs customized to your abilities and spinal care exercises you can do at home. Periodic exercise will help supercharge your ability to do the things you want to do and enjoy life to its fullest. I have found that when I exercise my mindset comes into line with my goals, and guess what? When my mindset is positive I’m more likely to exercise and eat well. The 5 Essentials are so interconnected!


Minimizing Toxin Exposure

Lastly, but still of massive importance, the body needs to cleanse itself of harmful chemicals it comes in contact with on a daily basis. The Doctors and staff at RCW provide strategies for better lifestyle habits which can help you to detoxify your system and minimize your exposure to dangerous chemicals one product at a time. Good health and well-being depends on restoring your body’s natural balance and helping it remove harmful toxins.


This content is contributed and sponsored by River City Wellness. 

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